Plug Plug Plug

A good friend of mine, Jesse Flores, just launched his website.  He’s a matte painter/ environmental cg artist.  He’s gonna be big some day.  I can see it in his eyes.  Anyway check out his website give him some feedback.  If you are feeling risky find out where he lives and do the poop-in-flaming-bag trick.  Just give him some attention because very soon he’s going to be something special.

Another good friend, Ignacio Barios launched his new reel.  This guy is an amazing rigger/animator.  He’s gonna be big too.  Hopefully knowing all these soon-to-be-big people means good things for me 🙂  Seriously though check out his reel.  He really understands the concept of rigging for the sake of animation and giving the animator the most control possible.  *Pro-tip*  Modelers please remember to lock all your controls for your environment models.  Animators like to get move happy.

Here we go again.   A third good friend started his blog.  I wanted to plug it hardcore because he’s awesome.  His name is Eric Rothman and we worked at curious together.  It was a good time and he’s a really dedicated individual. Anyway check out his website/blog.

His website is different from his blog.  Check it out anyway.  CLICK

Here’s another co-worker friend,  Stacie Plassche.  She’s a lighter/texturer/materials gal (obvious joke alert) Yeah, she’s kickass.

Anyway, these are the people that have inspired and helped me in the past few months and I’m really greatful to them for it.  I wish the best for all of them and I know that they’ll get to great places (which is good for me ^_^ )


~ by Christos on August 3, 2008.

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