I discovered the source of all my…polygons.

In my mad dash to refine this mesh and get the poly count, I found this little piece on my mesh.  It’s a pretty cool grating in the back.  I was so proud when I did it, because it took me like 5 minutes.  In the process of finishing the rest of the mesh I completely forgot about it.  Today, I clicked on it to get a polycount and this is what I found.


click on the image to fullsize it, and look at the number on the bottom right in yellow.  46 THOUSAND.  Yeah.  pretty nuts.  The object I’m gonna replace it with is only 44 polygons.  So that is what?  1000+ times difference.  haha.  Even still, i think it looks mighty nice as is.  oh well.  Back to refining.


~ by Christos on August 23, 2009.

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