Mt. Marcy

So I took a few days off to try and conquer Mt. Marcy.  It turned out to be the most physically exerting thing I’ve ever done but it was all worth it for the view at the top.  With an elevation of over five thousand feet it was pretty amazing.  I figured I would put up a few images of the trip with some captions to let you know how I felt at the time.


7:30 AM.  Feeling good because I have no idea whats ahead of me.  oh boy.

More after the jump.


10:00 AM    One hour and two miles in.  Feeling good.  Nice little break at the Marcy Dam.  Everything looks great at this point.


At some point after the dam, we lost the main trail and headed up on a ski trail.  Needless to say, it was an overgrown mess.  It was kind of fun going up here because we both knew we were going on the wrong trail by the middle but there was no turning back.  We eventually found out way back to the main trail, only to realize what we did was kind of a hard shortcut.


The more tired we got, the steeper Marcy got.  She is a cold mistress.  Even though it was hard, these steep rocky sections were pretty fun.


One thing I learned on this trip, is that you should NEVER expect to be close to the end.  Always assume you have another hour.  Marcy was notorious for making you believe you were close and then dashing your hopes on her cruel but beautiful rocks.


We eventually made it up to the top.  There were sections here where we had to sprint a few feet and then just collapse to catch our breath.  Just to make myself clear here, other people weren’t nearly as tired as us.  The other people climbing were pros.

Ok here are the money shots.  The view at the peak.  I hope you enjoy them as much as we did.  It was really a fantastic view.  It made the whole trip up worth it (the trip back down is another story 🙂 )



here is a little video.


~ by Christos on September 18, 2009.

One Response to “Mt. Marcy”

  1. Beautiful. Seems like it was worth some sore calves.

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