Good News Everyone!

Say that title in your best Professor Farnesworth voice.

Anyway, I haven’t posted much work lately.  The reason is that I’ve been helping Jenny Hung work on my awesome new website.  I suggest all of you visit it.

Previously that URL linked straight to this blog but I’ve changed it.  I have a link to my blog on that website but now you will have to go to to visit this blog.

I really wanna thank a few people for this.  Firstly Jenny hung for making the website in it’s entirety.  You rock and you always will.  And then two other people who pushed me to keep going.  Eric Rothman and Lukas Wadya.  You guys both rock and I appreciate your friendship way too much.  🙂

In other news, on my website you’ll see a brand spanking new reel, and a gallery section with selected works.  Having said that, I’m likely going to take down my reels from this website as well as trim down the gallery section.

I really hope that all of this will help me secure a job in the industry.  Hopefully with the new year comes a new opportunity.  Fingers crossed.

I am working on new stuff and I will be showing it soon.  Until then, enjoy your new years and stay awesome.  May 2010 be the most awesome year ever, or at least better than 2009.


~ by Christos on December 28, 2009.

One Response to “Good News Everyone!”

  1. brilliant cristos :0 very glad to see you doing so well 🙂

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